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星を掴む… | 하늘의 별 따기...

To catch a star in the sky...

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Illumi Enthien

sakurai-storm | Illumi.
The Author

i. Aimee is a fanfic writer, subber, graphic designer and fangirl in general. She has a deep love for Arashi (Sho; Aiba), TVXQ (Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu; Changmin), SHINee (Taemin), Super Junior (Kyuhyun, Siwon) and Matsushita Yuya.

ii. Aimee is distinctive for her conflicting personality; she likes meeting new people but can be awkward, she exhibits a tendency to drift off while others are talking, even though she looks like she's listening intently, has a lack of ability to multitask except when she's on the computer, and the inclination of tripping over her tongue due to her brain moving faster than her mouth.

iii. She has been described as one-track minded, daydreamer, idealistic and naive.

iv.Several qualities indicate that she might have a mild form of OCD, anti-socialism, STML and even Asperger's. But she is generally harmless...except for her glomp/fluff attacks. You have been warned.

W E L C O M E • T O • M Y • W O R L D

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