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Welcome to my Arashi fanfic world. I basically write every kind of fic: pairing/member ai, AU (alternate universe), OC (original character), OOC (out-of-character), request/response, one-shot, drabbles. My fics aren't locked, so there's no need to friend me, unless you want me to show up on your f-list :)

I'll keep editing this post with fics that I've posted up for easy reference ^^ You can also use the tags to find the fics you want to read~

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Fanfic requests

Hi again folks~

I'm taking one-shot fanfic requests for those who want me to write for them. It can be either a pairing or a group fic and can star your own OC (or you, if you want ;D) Alternatively, you can also give me an image or even a random quote and ask me to write based off it with the characters you want~

This offer prioritizes Arashi as its main characters, but can include other folks of Johnny's (though I'm not too familiar with anyone else hence the reason why I say prioritize Arashi lol...hard for me to stay in character that way)

Just comment in this post with the details and I'll try my best to fulfill them :3 I can't guarantee that it'll be a masterpiece though hahaha but gambarimasu~!

[Drabble] Blood Elite - Part One

He was being hunted, he knew.

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Author's note: This was just some random-dream-inspired babble that I wrote in the middle of the night, so I have no idea whether I want to flesh it out more from this point on. In fact, I don't even know if it's Arashi related or not ^^; But if you guys are interested in reading more, let me know and I'll work on it.
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[One-Shot/Request] Voices...

Member: Neen or Sho-tan <3
Rating: Surprise me~ xD
Prompt: Asylum :D


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As requested by ayumi_kitty . I loved the challenge <3 Small warning: there's a lot of italics in this XD; A lot of this is open-ended/vague so I'll let you interpret for yourselves :3 Also, I won't include a member tag so that it won't give anything away fufu.

Interesting tidbit: A part of this is inspired by SHINee's Obsession/Yokhae's lyrics, and Matsuzawa Hospital really does exist.

Enjoy and let me know what you think ^^
Taemin&#39;s cute attack!

[One-Shot] 覚悟 | Kakugo

I hate you.

Those words still resounded so deeply in his head, incessantly echoing. Digging his fingers through his wet hair, his scoff resounded in the darkness.

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Don't ask, I have no idea what this is XD I just wanted to write something short for one of the members of my new quartet 4DS (because all four of us are gamers and have Nintendo DSs :D): ayumi_kitty  ♥ The title means 'resolve' or 'preparedness'. Is this consider drabble? Fluff? No idea, but enjoy it anyway~ :D *poofs*

Taemin&#39;s cute attack!

[One-shot] Blood of a Butterfly

Story's obviously inspired by T.A.B.O.O ♥ Enjoy~

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Hm...not the best one I've written, I suppose? Muse chose to inspire me at 3am, then decided to leave for 3 weeks only to come back and hit me again with inspiration at 1am. Also, I have no idea where the title and cut text came from, so yeah...but had fun writing this one~ <3
Sho is in my heart

Nikki #007: Gratitude

I think it's best I name my personal entries for my own reference~

I know that most (okay all of them XD) of my personal entries have been usually rants, so this time I thought I'd write bout more rainbow-y things. I think my f-list deserves that in the least lol...

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